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197x Olympia Traveller de Luxe

Serial #15-3763118

Former owner's bio.

I bought this particular typewriter due to its keyboard layout and colour, as I already own the same model in white since I was a kid.

After some investigation on the former owner, Drº Gunderico Wladimiro Santos Ferreira, I found he was an entomologist of the then Institute for Scientific Investigation in the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique.

This keyboard features 5 specific types: º; 'n (what is this used for?); "log" L (?), square and cubic functions.
Could this be a scientific keyboard?

Will try to upload a better font specimen as the circumflex got over the " 'n " type.

Rear paper support is stuck inside the carriage, will have to remove rear cover to free it. Seems to be chronic of this model

Would appreciate help in better dating this typewriter.

Frame has 73 cast (I assume it refers to the year?), a logo I don' recognize, and in spite of being "made in Yugoslavia", has no UNIS stampings anywhere.
Olympia's database dates this serial number to 1977.

Owned By: Francisco Parada

Username: Francisco
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 408
Galleries: 18
Collection: 14
Sightings: 4

Lisbon, Portugal

197x Olympia Traveller de Luxe Type Sample


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Original Owner

To whom does this logo belong to? Hard to get a better shot.

Former owner's bio.

Former owner's bio.

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