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1974 Olympia Traveller

Serial #15-3075794

I really like the look of this little portable. A clean cream colour with heavy outlines, like a racecar. From the side, you can almost imagine this thing in the type of F1 Grand Prix that was so popular in its day.

Or, do you remember that NASA service robot into which Sarah Jessica Parker stuffed Joey Cramer in The Flight of the Navigator? It almost reminds me of that too. This typewriter has movement in its bones.

But, of course, that is ridiculous. Writing, the machine moves cleanly and sharply but the action is mushier than you would find in the previous generation of typewriters, to which I am accustomed. Yet, I still enjoy its use because if you type fast enough, it makes the crunchy sound of a telex machine hurriedly transmitting an urgent headline from a distant media outpost. Very futuristic. If anything, it sparks my imagination.

Pressed out of metal in Sarajevo!

Owned By: Liam O Sullivan

Username: liamo
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 188
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Fell in love with a Quiet Deluxe won at auction. Now I am a neophyte typewriter enthusiast.

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