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1956 Remington Travel-Riter

Serial #FTR 172 436

This is the exact opossite of my Japy Script.

They arrived together, and while the latter is out of order, this one is in perfect condition. As soon as I opened the parcel I saw it coming. That little tag tied to the handle... Could it be...?

Yes, oh yes it is. It´s a workshop tag, what says "this typewriter is fully serviced and belongs to this person". That means this typewriter is in full working order. Everything is shining and fine tuned, and it types flawlessly. I don´t know how many years this typewriter has been waiting for use after being serviced, but I feel very lucky. It´s the second time I find a just serviced typewriter, yay!

Besides, Remington typewriters are always welcome, and in fact I was eager to get one of these. They´re common (in theory), but thing is I don´t find them too often.

Much like other great manufacturers, you can recognize a Remington blindfolded just by its touch. Quality all over the place.

Owned By: Javier Vazquez del Olmo

Username: Javi
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 4569
Galleries: 200
Collection: 181
Sightings: 19

The first typewriter I saw was my grandpa´s Olivetti Linea 98 at the office. It was just a curio for me. Then I was given a Nakajima, which I didn´t use and my grandfather took it from me because it was easier to handle than the bulky Linea 98.

Now I own that typewriter, and I started a little collection in Valladolid, Spain. The Nakajima, which is "my" typewriter is the only one which is NOT in my collection. How ironic...

Things then got... complex. I moved from Valladolid to my village, and suddenly found myself with a lot of room available at home, so the small collection is turning into something bigger, a nuisace for my family and a great source of satisfaction for me.

1956 Remington Travel-Riter Type Sample


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The tag that revealed how well kept this typewriter is.

The full set! Manual, a touch typing guide, carbons... Pick your poison!

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