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1950 Gossen Tippa

Serial #7513

Astonishing piece. A perfect machine. The Holy Grail.

Full metal body but still very compact and light. Radically flat and raw design, not 50iesh or polished at all.
Glass-plated metal keys, very finger-pleasing. Brillant typeface in Perl/Elite.

Types beautifully. Very soft and silent, almost like an Erika. At the same time still feels very tight and precise.
The serial number is the lowest so far in the database. This makes me a very proud owner!

Now the cons:
- Some of the keys are dirty beneath the glass. I don't care.
- The S key gets stuck. I can repair this.
- Came with the 'Back space' key missing and replaced by a white key. I love the original red keys so this is a loss.
- Worse, the case is missing! This is a real bummer because the machine is superportable.
So.... probably I will have to buy a second, defective machine just for the metal lid. :(

Still: this will be my new darling. Love is definitely in the air... :D

By the way my apologies for the horrible pictures. I will try to make better pictures of all my typewriters and upload them. Just don't know how and don't know when.

Owned By: Daniel Norek

Username: automatenLand
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 56
Galleries: 6
Collection: 5
Sightings: 1

I actually use my typewriters to type, so one should be sufficient. But there are way too many interesting typewriters around. However, my space is very limited so I try to restrict myself.

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