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1967 Adler Tippa

Serial #4813249

Triumph Contessa (left), Adler Tippa (right). Same chassis, smaller body.

Nice typewriter, needs to check the platten position as upper case letters don't always print fully.

The case locks were very rusty due to being in village near the sea.

Number "2" doesn't advance most of the times after being pressed, but its upper case does advance the carriage.

Owned By: Francisco Parada

Username: Francisco
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 408
Galleries: 18
Collection: 14
Sightings: 4

Lisbon, Portugal

1967 Adler Tippa Type Sample


1967 Adler Tippa Photo Gallery

Triumph Contessa (left), Adler Tippa (right). Same chassis, smaller body.

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