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1941 Underwood S

Serial #S5475094-18

1941 Underwood S

I wasn't planning on taking this massive 18 in. carriage Underwood standard, but after hearing the shop owner remark that it had "nice keys for jewelry", I forked over the $25. It has multiple major issues, but it's all there and the satisfaction of making it work again will be worth every penny I paid for it!


I've gotten everything to move now. The carriage rails were so gunked up I had thought the drawband was broken, because the carriage never moved unless I pushed it. Lots of cleaning and lubrication got a small section of the carriage to work, but big enough to get a sample.

Amazingly, this monster is CARRIAGE SHIFTED. Luckily for me, the shift assist springs (that what they are called?) are very very strong so the shift is actually quite nice!

Nickname: Paul Bunyan, of course!

Now, if only I could find a massive blue typewriter...

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1941 Underwood S Type Sample

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