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1953 Hermes Rocket

Serial #5305600

1953 Hermes Rocket

A little rough and in need of some TLC, but such a light and quiet typewriter that I can't help but like it. The 8 and . key are both slightly melted, as if someone stuck something hot on them. Wasn't shipped to me with any protection, and I think the typebars and left gull wing spool cover took some damage at that time. My third Hermes!

Owned By: ari summerland

Username: ari
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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A long-time fan of all things typewriter, I am truly delighted with the friendly people I find in the typosphere. Thank you.
In collecting, I believe I am trying to make it up to myself having given away the loyal Smith Corona that got me through college. Guilt is a strange thing.
The machine count is over 100, now... mostly portables, and lots of orphaned machines, both manual and electric, given to me by family and friends.
Catch me on my blog at

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