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1951 Remington Quiet-Riter

Serial #QT2253824

Found for a very reasonable price at a local junk sale and photographed in as-bought condition. This one is amazingly clean and functional. The only thing needing a cleaning on this machine are the typeslugs. Also, the carriage lock doesn't seem to work.

It has a very nice typing feel and is, indeed, surprisingly quiet for a conventional mechanism. The typeface is 10 CPI and labeled 134. Oddly, this ID number is reversed along with the typeface characters!

The serial number suggests this machine was manufactured in October of 1951, less than a year after the model was first introduced. It's styling and features are slightly different from later Quiet-Riters.

Owned By: Michael Hurley

Username: mephits
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I'm a newbie and amateur typewriter "collector" in Memphis, TN. I have a small collection I hope to expand in time.

1951 Remington Quiet-Riter Type Sample


1951 Remington Quiet-Riter Photo Gallery

Serial number is on the right-hand side under the ribbon cover, stamped vertically into the frame. Hard to read and even harder to photograph!

Remington advertised that this "Super Strength Frameā€¦gives superior shock resistance for years of extra life." Perfect for little Amy to bang out her play script!

Margin controls are hidden under the paper table in this early Quiet-Riter. Sometime in '52 the system was changed to have easier access to margins.

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