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1947 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #A-1369450

1947 Royal Quiet De Luxe


This one is actually a friend's, and my first 'customer' job. It was purchased as a gift for her from another friend's estate sale. This clean was very light because the machine is as mint as Smithers was for me.

After playing with Alfred for a week, and dreading giving him back, this is what prompted me to find my own QDL. I have regretted nothing.

Wrong pictures for the type sample...Can't figure out how to delete it.

Owned By: Jessi-Lyn Curry

Username: JynNTonyc
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 22
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Small time collector working on skills as a hobbyist repair technician. Mostly a writer with a hatred for computer word processing programs. I think I have found my Eleanor, but I keep looking and giving away my machines until I have just the right one. Plus I love working on and cleaning these amazing machines.

1947 Royal Quiet De Luxe Type Sample

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