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1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #A-1832171

"Gold Plated Anniversary Model"

Had been seeing this one at an antique mall for weeks, and dreaming! I even shared a photo of it with friends for International Typewriter Day.
The next day I stopped in, and it was on sale for 20% off - that was enough to do it - I got it.
These machines are not only beautiful, but well built. Even before I did any clean up on it, it typed solidly and smoothly - I guess like a golden typewriter should!
This unit is not one of the customer "special order" units, as it doesn't have the customers name on a gold plate in the paper table. It was either a salesman's gift, or a prize for the "Students Essay Contest.
The case is lovely, as befitting a gold typewriter. The exterior is black alligator, with carmel colored leather trim. The interior is deep burgundy lining, and as the manual suggests, if the typewriter is removed, the case can be used as an "overnight" case. But of course!

Owned By: Donald Lampert

Username: woodstock5
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 79
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I am a decorative painter/artist, and do historic restoration of older homes, and theatres. Growing up in New Jersey, i took typing in 8th grade, and at the time hated it. I've since lived in Chicago, Minneapolis. and now a small town in rural SW Wisconsin.
My hobbies are collecting and restoring old phonographs, sewing machines, kitchen appliances, clocks and radios, vintage office equipment, and of course typewriters. I love vintage mechanical gadgets. At this point in my life, I am developing my writing skills, and have started on old typewriter short stories.

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