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1956 Triumph Perfekt

Serial #1206631

There seems to be a seven year gap in the Perfekt numbers between 1954 and 1961, however, given the data that is available it would be a safe bet to consider this as either a '59 or '60 model.

I very much like using both the Perfekt and Norm models as they remind me of an Olympia SM without the cushioned keys. And their design? Right in the middle of my happy, happy zone defined by the sophisticated curves of the 1950s.

Owned By: Uwe Wachtendorf

Username: Uwe
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 13159
Galleries: 304
Collection: 295
Sightings: 9

Typewriter collector based in Toronto who prefers mid-century models.

1956 Triumph Perfekt Type Sample


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