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1962 Triumph Perfekt

Serial #3060563

Serial number on this typewriter is out of bounds in the database, but documents in the case date it around 1962, so 1962 it is. All aluminum version of what would be the mostly-plasticy Adler J series. I bought this at a local antique store, subsequently paid a little too much, and discovered that the H on the ribbon cover is missing. Still, it is a fantastic typewriter with a very precise touch. The carriage returns with just a puff of air.

Owned By: Ryan Adney

Username: tryanpa
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 316
Galleries: 45
Collection: 45
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Father, husband, typewriter collector. Probably the third-greatest English teacher you will meet today. A little bald, but very knowledgeable about club soda.

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