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1948 Remington Portable 5 Deluxe

Serial #B 1642830

2nd machine for 2015, Craigslist find.. This is the two tone Gray and Black in great shape. It appears to be missing the plastic spool covers but looks and works fine. Glad to have it...

Owned By: Richard Mohlman

Username: Ramsr
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 2679
Galleries: 263
Collection: 230
Sightings: 33

I hate to use the expression "Treasure Hunter" But it fit's, and that's what I do. My wife calls it a problem, I can think of a lot worst things to do in my spare time. Antiques have always been part of my life, they keep you grounded and keep you in touch with the old days of hard work, ingenuity and craftsmanship. I'm kinda old to get started into this new hobby, but when I jump in, I'm all in…I have a lot to learn so be patient with me...

1948 Remington Portable 5 Deluxe Type Sample


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