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1941 Remington Portable 5 DeLuxe

Serial #B1139659

I have wanted one of these for a while, and managed to snatch this perfect machine for £17.
Really is in wonderful condition, types beautifully, smoothly, snappily. Touch control is great. Someone disabled the bell at some point, and though I have managed to tweak it back to a ping, it is very quiet.
Still has a case and the case still has a working lock and a key.
Smells like a vestry, which I love.
The spool top covers are a mystery to me, though. They look very late 20th Century, and are plastic. But are obviously made to measure and have the same texture as the paint finish on the machine body. [Edit - Original spool covers!]

Owned By: Martha Lea

Username: mlea
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 303
Galleries: 14
Collection: 12
Sightings: 2

Long time typewriter user.

1941 Remington Portable 5 DeLuxe Type Sample


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