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1927 Remington Portable 2

Serial #NL 72381

I found this typewriter in an antique shop in Richland, WA. It was sold or serviced by Beverly Hills Typewriter between 1940 and 1956. I'll try to narrow it down more

From Richard Polt "Good find, Nick!

It was available in ivory, like this, but I see them very rarely. I’m attaching a pic of one that I saw last year, which was exported to the Netherlands. Note that the ribbon spools are painted, which does seem to suggest that it’s some kind of special edition. I don’t have any further documentation.


It looks like Miguel Angel Chavez Silva has one:

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I love collecting and researching portable typewriters. Author of Mid-Century Portable Typewriter Spotter's Guide I especially enjoy Sears portables, Brother portables, Royal portables and Eastern Bloc portables

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