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1921 Remington Portable

Serial #NV10728

This one I acquired from an Estate sale. The knob for raising the strikers is missing, the ribbon is dry, and it had a bent linkage for the "Z" key. While the linkage is fixed, it does occasionally stick. This was the first machine in my collection!

Without a ribbon, I can't include a typeface specimen. Eventually I will rectify that.

Owned By: Timothy Conine

Username: Companynine
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 127
Galleries: 6
Collection: 2
Sightings: 4

I recently acquired my third classic Remington Typewriter (In three years) and I am the deFacto curator of Typewriters, cameras and other small gadgets at The Upper Penninsula Steam & Gas Engine Assn. (UPSGEA) Museum in Escanaba, MI. I have a diffficult time locating serial numbers on the oddballs, so if you can help, please do!
The Museum has an 1894 L.C. Smith, Oliver, Underwood, and Elliot Fischer models, Which I hope to have in my album, soon!

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