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1923 Remington Portable

Serial #NZ33140

On permanent loan from a friend. Works quite well except the platen and rollers are malformed and hard as a rock from age and disuse. I gave the keys and type a good scrub but otherwise this is how it was presented to me.

Owned By: Tony Brewer

Username: tonyuser
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 23
Gallery: 1
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I started collecting typewriters in the '90s, lost or gave away many through the years, and am in collecting mode again. I like to learn about cleaning and fixing them, as I am an active user, mostly for Poetry on Demand, where people pay me to write poems for them at art fairs and whatnot. I have mostly portables but have acquired one or two desktop models I couldn't pass up.

1923 Remington Portable Type Sample


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