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1931 Royal P

Serial #P288632

1931 Royal P

I purchased this beautiful Duotone brown Royal Model P from the son of the original owner. I am working hard to restore it, (luckily the mechanics are wonderful) but found that all the rubber is flat or missing.

I am also in need of all the feet and their screws. Unfortunately the screws from my Royal Quiet De Luxe are a hair too big.

Does anyone have some early Royal portable feet and hardware that I could purchase?

Still have some cleaning to do...

Owned By: Jake Fischer

Username: jfisch
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 131
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I am a typewriter collector and amateur repairman who became obsessed after typing at a young age on my grandfather's Olivetti Lettera 22, which he soon gave to me. Now I have had over ten typewriters in my collection, flipping the less valuable ones for a low price to fund my obsession.

At one point, I was weary of polish; now I see the wonderful shine that Meguiar's cleaning wax brings to a glossy paint. I still avoid polishing nickle or chrome, for I hear that patina is valuable on old metal. However, I refuse to use the devil's website, also known as Ebay. Just too many deaths by shipping...and unacceptably exuberant prices...

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