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1938 Corona Sterling

Serial #2A 39626

Serial number inside cover plate on right

In a first for me, I bought a functional and clean typewriter. Found at a local junk shop, this 1938 Corona Sterling was hidden in its well-preserved case.

It is very clean with only minor cosmetic flaws: nicks where the carriage return lever hits the cover plate, some decal fading, a few scratches, and some tape residue. She has lustrous high gloss maroon / burgundy curves. Really breath-taking.

I will use it for research and comparison as I restore a portable Corona of a similar vintage.

Owned By: Mary Echevarria

Username: Mech
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1837
Galleries: 60
Collection: 13
Sightings: 47

I'm a novice collector with a very small collection of mostly nonfunctional typewriters. I enjoy tinkering and repairs, so I am slowly but surely putting these typewriters back into service.

1938 Corona Sterling Type Sample


1938 Corona Sterling Photo Gallery

Floating Shift

I think this machine spent most of its life on its back in its case.

Serial number inside cover plate on right

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