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1923 Continental Standard

Serial #231240

This is the Continental from 1923. It has quite a romantic history. From 1925 to 1970/1980 it was at principal's office in Zahrádky elementary school near Česká Lípa. Just think about all the generations of students and school paperwork. It is obvious, that the machine is really worn out, but it is in good shape and still capable to write like almost new. The only missing part was the tabulator lever. I took it from Schrottík... Otherwise, the whole writer is in original condition, only cleaned, polished and oiled. Everything is working perfectly and I am more and more convinced, that Continentals are one of the best typewriters from pre-WW2 era.
Inspiration in the Underwood is obvious, but fundamental design of Underwood is much older and to be compared, taking a Continental apart is much easier than doing that with an Underwood. I like Underwoods, they are nice and iconic, but I don't have that "precise and insanely into quality" feeling with them. One example for all - the whole carriage is on bearings (the German ones) so its motion is smooth and fast. Otherwise the Continental is quite noisy machine (I have in my possession 8 standard Continentals from 1908 to somewhere around 1940 and none of them is really a quiet writer), but typing is precise and fast.
Just for info, small levers on the left side of the machine - the one at the back is for writing stencils, the second one is a child lock. A child lock! Very useful thing not only against children. I have a feeling that every human being has some basic instinct to write something stupid, when they are near an unguarded typewriter. Writing without paper is sin! The big one. It is like written in the stone... Some stupid messages engraved into platens. Every typewriter needs a child lock or a bear trap.

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