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1935 Continental Standard

Serial #560719

Comes in a big Package in poor condition and in and out with lots of Dust.
I decide to giver her a hot Shower with Soap, than dry it with compressed Air and after that oil with lots of "Ballistol". To late i recognize that two
Types are missing!
All the experts tell me to buy another to repair this
not very good machine, but i don't want to destroy another for my new favorite typewriter. I get the missing types in Hamburg at an Repair-Shop, the Owner collects old Typewriter!!
The lost carriage-stripe was no problem, i took a sheet Car-Covering-fabric.
The Conti writes exact an very easy, not so fast, but with the precision of an true Buisness Typewriter

Owned By: Jan-Christoph Steer

Username: Jan
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 164
Galleries: 10
Collection: 10
Sightings: 0

Collector of machines from 1910's to 1960's.
Mostly german typewriters.
The design is always important for me, first it must be nice,
than look if it writes well or not.
I Always get a cheap purchase of poor condition-maschines,
so i have to clean, oil, polish and repair.
Try to save the present condition, no Restauration to new-condition.

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