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1952 Olivetti Studio 44

Serial #452211

I'm unsure of the date on this as it is a very early serial number. But I think it is a 1952, produced in Barcelona Spain. I'm thinking of selling this one because I don't use the cursive much, but something about it is compelling so I might have to keep it. I think it is one of the "good ones" as far as Studio 44's go. The touch seems heavy compared to say a Smith-Corona or a Royal, but when you are using by itself it it feels like it is helping you type somehow.

Also, I apologize for the photos. I had the white balance set wrong when I took them.

Sighted By: Dave Philips

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I am a musician living in Los Angeles. I got into typewriters because I love the way typing feels. Here in L.A. it is hard to find typewriters that are reasonably priced, but I occasionally manage to stumble across them.

1952 Olivetti Studio 44 Type Sample


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