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1965 Olivetti Studio 44

Serial #905818

1965 Olivetti Studio 44

This has all the features of a semi-standard Olivetti Studio 44 except that it is a "double gothic" typewriter, an all-caps typewriter meant for transcribing telegraphic messages in ships and trains. It was used for business, classroom, and military operations. I have yet to encounter another Olivetti Studio 44 mill typewriter, this is definitely a rare find. Made in Ivrea, Italy.

Owned By: Ton Sison

Username: TonS
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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In a parallel universe, I was once the Senior Vice-President of Design (Typewriter Division) at Ing. C. Olivetti & C.,S.p.A., Ivrea, Italy. In the real universe, I'm a Chicago-based casual collector and hunter of Olivetti typewriters, and related ephemera, publications, and film sightings.

1965 Olivetti Studio 44 Type Sample


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