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1958 Smith Corona Skyriter

Serial #3Y 120967

Another eBay find, only bidder for $30 + shipping. Needed cleaning and new ribbon, is missing the cover over the rabbit ears, but the case was perfect. Has the short carriage return lever of the 2Y models, other 3Y's seem to have the longer lever.

Owned By: Ric Wyckoff

Username: TaoTypist
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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In the beginning was the Tao, and the Tao created one, and the one created two, and two created three, and three created the ten thousand things...and thus it is with typewriter collecting! Hiker, photographer, acupuncturist and more in the Arizona desert.

1958 Smith Corona Skyriter Type Sample


1958 Smith Corona Skyriter Photo Gallery

An original S-C touch typing chart and instructions on how to set up a letter and addressing envelopes was in the pocket of the case.

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