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1951 Smith Corona Silent

Serial #5S 280418

I found this one at a flea market in rough condition. It was left in a garage, the seller said, in the case, with lid open (!) for many years. It took lots of cleanup but it types nicely now. The cap lock is finicky and only stays locked for a few letters so I'm still working on it.

This one seems unusual in that the Smith-Corona logo and the stripes on the ribbon cover are painted over with the same color as the case (see pix). I've determined that it was re-painted close to the original color some time ago. Maybe it had a rough life. Used by a war correspondent during the Korean War perhaps?

The crinkle finish is still holding on to some dirt so I still have a little work to do. It had the nice old steel ribbon spools. I do like those chrome-plated paper fingers on each side of the platen and that 1950's era tweed case.

This budget model has tab positions set by removing and re-positioning keys under the rear carriage cover. It is a very usable typer.

Owned By: Barry Wolt

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I'm an electrical engineer with a penchant for writing that loves these marvels of mechanical engineering.

1951 Smith Corona Silent Type Sample


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