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1938 Corona Silent

Serial #2S 69785

Floating Shift. Touch control. Fabulous typewriter, but it's been through the wars a bit. Arrived rattling and broken, then got caught in a flood. A small knob on the right hand side of the paper bail came off and has had a temporary fix with a small bit of black Sugru. However this is a determined machine, and still types wonderfully despite a loose screw on the right hand platen knob which will occasionally fall off if I don't keep an eye on it. It did have a fantastic case, but that is now waiting to be recovered in maroon Rexine after the flood water got to it. I think there's a small silver knob missing from the left hand platen knob. And decals were rubbed off.
So a few issues, but I still count this as one of my top three favourites in my small collection.

Owned By: Martha Lea

Username: mlea
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 303
Galleries: 14
Collection: 12
Sightings: 2

Long time typewriter user.

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