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1962 IBM Selectric I

Serial #4048378

A very early Selectric 72. It has lots of 1st design parts including gear tilt, wear compensator arm, brass tilt pulleys and much more. On top of all that, it has the optional Accent Blue features. It has 12-cpi (elite) spacing and the fabric (cartridge) ribbon.

It was in very poor condition when it was given to me. Apparently someone had attempted to repair it many moons ago and there were many things improperly adjusted, besides it being stored in a humid dirty shed.

Because it is such a specimen, I decided it needed to have a thorough restoration. I chemically cleaned it, made the necessary repairs, re-lubricated it and readjusted nearly everything until it was working perfectly.

I stripped off four layers of paint - silver, tan, green and tan until it was bare metal. I then primed it and repainted it with gray wrinkle paint. The margin scale was in bad shape with some of the numbers rubbed off and the trim under the margin levers was corroded. Early models like this one have stainless margin trim, so I could not locate good used ones. I had to refurbish the margin scale with Ted Munk's help and I fabricated the lower stainless trim myself.

I painted it to match the typewriter used in the 1962 Selectric advertisement in the photos.

Hopefully it will be around in someone's collection another 50 years from now.

Owned By: Clark Hinson

Username: professorc30
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I love mechanical things and have tinkered with manual and electric typewriters since my teens. I have always been fascinated by the IBM Selectric, but it was later in life that I finally got my hands on one to explore. I learned to repair/restore them and suddenly I have several of them. I don't really consider myself a collector, but rather a restorer. I enjoy bringing old machines back to usable condition and then pass them on to other people to use and enjoy.

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