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1964 Olympia SG3

Serial #2-1778680

This has a variety of math symbols that I've seen only on differently-specialized typewriters.

Along with quite a few key Greek letters that are more commonly found, it has:

• psi (for wave functions in quantum mechanics)

• theta and delta (for trigonometric relations and derivatives) in addition to the integral sign and infinity

• both uppercase and lowercase omega

• epsilon

• the "x" used for cross-products in vector calculations

• the "empty set" symbol (which is a slashed circle, not an oval), the latter also denoting lens diameters in optical systems.

This typewriter may be specialized for general physics or astronomy.

Owned By: Dan Johnson

Username: rdj
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I have always loved typewriters along with other kinds of well-engineered tools and devices such as slide rules, calculators (particular HP), radios, cameras (particularly Nikons), and microscopes. In addition to appreciating their intrinsic beauty and utility, they represent "things that need to be figured out to be understood". That's how I first learned about computers and programming in the 1970s, by figuring things out for myself. It's activity in which I never seem to tire of engaging.

Although communities have arisen around other collection interests, typewriters have the advantage that those who use them also typically enjoy communicating through words, whether those words are about the machines themselves or their lives, hopes, dreams, or expressions of beauty. There's much to be appreciated here.

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