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1964 Olympia SG3

Serial #7-1199596

1964 Olympia SG3

This is the best quality and best condition and best typing machine I have. Its precision and type quality are unmatched by any other machine I own.

I found it in a local Mid-Century Modern "antiques" store for a ridiculously low amount. Funny, considering the other machines they had were much more expensive (I bought one of them too, as it was fairly priced for what it was).

Owned By: rock harris

Username: numberseven
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 541
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I am a typewriter collector. I'm moving into a new phase; one where I am filling gaps and paying what's necessary to get what I want....

I know I take crappy photos. I just have an older iPhone and am impatient. When I get a real camera (or borrow one), I'll upload better ones.

The ironic thing is that I am a pretty good amateur photographer. My excuse is that I work in film almost exclusively....

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