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1959 Olympia SF

Serial #95-199279

This is not an earth-shatteringly exciting typewriter on paper - it's common enough and the design is quite simple. But it just feels so glamorous, from the burgundy keys to the chrome accents all the way through to the bronze piping on the case. I love it!

(I forgot to put the back panel on - it was badly dented and affected the operation of the margin stops. I'm deferring to my dad to bend it back into line... when I do these things the panels end up in worse shape than before!)

Owned By: Nick Winter

Username: winter
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 740
Galleries: 44
Collection: 42
Sightings: 2

Possibly the most amateur typewriter collector ever? Uni student located in Sydney, AUS. The amount of storage I have is a constant problem as I try to keep feeding my addiction...

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