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1954 Olympia SM3

Serial #572437

A very fine typewriter, designed like a 60's Mercedes-Benz, with fine lines and well engineered
details. Few weeks ago i bought the big sister of
my SM3, the SG1. On first look to see that their are
one familiy.
I bought the SM3 on a Flea-Market in poor condition, the Sledge stuck and all Types don't move, a good reason for a low Price. All Surfaces in "Shrivel-Paint" were filthy and i have to scrub them with a brush.
To make the types move right, it needs a lot of "Ballistol".
Now it works very well, only the moist Ribbon affect the good Typeface
One of my favorite machines because of its fine
Design and the lightly work with it.

Owned By: Jan-Christoph Steer

Username: Jan
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 164
Galleries: 10
Collection: 10
Sightings: 0

Collector of machines from 1910's to 1960's.
Mostly german typewriters.
The design is always important for me, first it must be nice,
than look if it writes well or not.
I Always get a cheap purchase of poor condition-maschines,
so i have to clean, oil, polish and repair.
Try to save the present condition, no Restauration to new-condition.

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