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1954 Olympia SM2

Serial #487269

badgia upsidownia

Say: typewriter, and I’ll answer: Olympia SM. I also have Alpina, Groma, and Olivetti, but the SM beats them in simple, functional beauty. Never boring, even in green...

So here is my new Olympia SM2. It is special to me because it is saved from the derelicts of a house that once belonged to a man who was, in his earlier days, a poet. Later he became a professor in the history of law. The history of law is Greek to me, but I know his poems, I have his books. He lived in Groningen, a town in the Netherlands, and rumour has it that his first poems were printed by H.N. Werkman. Do I have to say more?
Well, Pareau never typed poems on this typewriter, I suppose. But still... The challenge for me is the Greek font. Type half spaces!

Owned By: Marlize L

Username: typeshalfspaces
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 552
Galleries: 30
Collection: 17
Sightings: 13

1954 Olympia SM2 Type Sample


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badgia upsidownia

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