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1931 Underwood Noiseless 77

Serial #671905

This was my first typewriter, acquired from my employer at the Michigan News Agency in 1996; it was her mother's, Jean Hauck, who invented Radical Grammar! It types well but a little faintly. The ding is spectacular.

Update: took this to Ace typewriter; the faint typing (even fainter than a Noiseless typically is) was due to some mechanic making some very irrational adjustments 50 years ago, according to Matt. It types so easily now, and it's restored to beauty and humming along, though Matt couldn't get the gold paint off the tab key.

Owned By: Melissa Favara

Username: melissafavara
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I started collecting typewriters in 1996 when my employer at an old newsstand in Kalamazoo, MI gave me her mother's Underwood Elliot Fisher Noiseless; I love these machines and learning how to repair and maintain them. The Noiseless was the medium for a zine I wrote through the nineties and into the oughts, and my nine-year-old daughter now types regularly.

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