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1919 Hammond Multiplex

Serial #AL201269

"For All Nations and Tongues"

Ever since I saw a video of a Hammond Multiplex back when I first started collecting, I was fascinated by them, so I eventually got a Hammond Model 2. But I was always on the look out for a Multiplex. I finally found one for a good price on Ebay and I am really happy with it.

When I got it the anvil and turret needed to be cleaned as the shuttle would not return to rest on their own. I cleaned both the slot on the anvil and the metal part of the shuttle to get it to ride freely. Works very well now.

This machine has a cool feature where you can quickly release the anvil and pull it out with a little lever beside the left ribbon spool.

The machine came with two types shuttles; an italic shuttle and a Greek shuttle. I am currently using the shuttle from my Model 2 to type in regular font.

My only issue now is the front feed roller having a flat spot, but it will still feed paper and the rollers are still pliable.

It is missing the right hand margin stop, but I hardly miss it.

This machine is a pleasure to type on and I look forward to using it regularly in the future.

Update-5/16/2017-I oiled the ribbon on the Hammond and got it to print quite dark... but it does smudge a bit. However, here are the three shuttles I own.

Top: Normal type (shuttle from my Hammond 2).
Middle: italic (came with the Multiplex).
Bottom: Greek (came with the Multiplex)

Update - 5/25/2017 - I put a new black ribbon in but it still typed faintly. So I got some stamp ink and added it to ribbon and that seems to have done the trick. It is not as dark as a typebar machine would print, but it is very good.
I may update the type sample picture soon.

Owned By: Gerald Ambrose

Username: Oliver9
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I started collecting typewriters several years ago and it started with a late 1960s Smith-Corona Sterling portable that I got as a gift.

1919 Hammond Multiplex Type Sample


1919 Hammond Multiplex Photo Gallery

My favorite case for a Hammond.

Spacebar and paper bail folded.

The little lever/switch to unlock the anvil so that it can be removed.

"For All Nations and Tongues"

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