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1943 Groma Modell N

Serial #239953

My Daughter had to leave the Groma in peace!

Groma Modell N With ϟϟ Key

I bought in the early days of this year (2017) a Modell N, it’s my first typewriter and probably my favorite one.

Lucky me to get one with the rune key in a unbelievable selling price.. It was in bad condition, the case was awful, the machine full of old oil and dirty everywhere. After the restoration is with great look and working perfectly, with full original parts (except the skin outside and inside that I use on case).

Unfortunately whens the restore was done, the spring of carriage had broke, but I’m searching for some company to do one like the original. Now is working perfectly, but with an adapted Sring from a model-car, but just temporally.


Owned By: Hugo Torres

Username: Gromaniac
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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1943 Groma Modell N Type Sample


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#SN 239953


Restored Original Case

Special Key

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My Daughter had to leave the Groma in peace!

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