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19XX Olivetti MP1 Ico

Serial #unknown

This maroon Ico, IMHO, has no serial number.
You cant imagine how hard i've tried to find it (first of all, serial numbers were useful in order to identify your typewriter between a batch of equals at the repair shop, hence, there is no reason at all to put the serial number in a so hidden place you need to dismantle the typewriter just to take a look at).
My other Ico (the red one) has its serial number near the bell, under the typewriter. I've included a similar pic of this typewriter, and obviously there is no serial number there (as in the red one).
I will appreciate any help about this particular and strange point.

Owned By: Guillermo Fernandez Boan

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 5980
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Argentinian lawyer resident in Buenos Aires city.
For half a century, enthusiast typist. Now enthusiast typewriter hunter.

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