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1935 Olivetti MP1 Ico

Serial #14993

Bought from a seller in Milan, via eBay. Turned out the excellent external condition concealed a dropped body with a bodged repair. Didn't type. Brought back to life by Tom The Typewriter Man Lucas in the UK. Now typing well. And it is very beautiful.

Frustrated by not being able to find an English instruction manual online, I've had a go at translating the German one available on the maschinengeschreiben blog (sadly now closed). I've uploaded my translation to the photos section of this page. Maybe it only interests me, but maybe it will be of use to others. Changing ribbons etc.

Speaking of which, I've got a cotton ribbon fitted at the moment. Still experimenting with that.

Owned By: James Dow

Username: jamesd
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 25
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1935 Olivetti MP1 Ico Type Sample


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