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1932 Olivetti MP1 Ico

Serial #4733


Love at first sight. Easily promoted to the top of the wish list. I was lucky enough to get it from a german guy who sold vintage items. He told me he had an Ico with a very early serial number. we communicated through email and once I saw pics i knew it had to be mine - he had taken care of it and said he'd clean it up even more for me. It arrived safely from Germany but it has the Italian keyboard.

Probably my favorite typewriter. It is pristine, works with no issues. The touch is certainly something to get used to. It isn't an obvious sound or feel from the typical typewriter. Instead, it has a muted and sleek touch. The typebars and slugs seem to almost land softly on the platen; the keys depress nearly as if on a pillow. Crazy thing is the space bar which is such a pleasant and shallow depression.

Outwardly, i can't get enough of the return lever. It has beauty and utility. And what's great about my machine is that its performance matches its aesthetic. I try not to use her too much but when i need a pick me up, she always brightens my mood and somehow makes the world a not so ugly place.

Owned By: Michael Yulo

Username: michaeliany
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I live in Orange County, California with a wife and 2 sons, I have 50+ machines, my favorite brands are probably Olympia and Voss for their engineering but I've also got a thing for Olivetti for its style. Nothing too unique there. Nowadays however, I'm into 1930s and 1940s glass-topped machines and I am increasing my education on those brands and models. I think this site will help. Thanks to Ted Munk!

1932 Olivetti MP1 Ico Type Sample


1932 Olivetti MP1 Ico Photo Gallery

Italian layout keyboard

return lever

clean typebars and basket

case and key


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