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1947 Underwood Leader

Serial #H1855895

I had asked about typewriters at this couple’s yard sale two weeks earlier and they said they’d look, and then two weeks after that some guy overheard me mention typewriters while at a different yard sale and he said there was one at this certain place and when I followed up on that tip, this was it.

What model is this, exactly? And what year? And why two serial numbers?

There is H1855895 on the frame behind the left spool and J44387 on a frame member on the bottom.

Owned By: Michael Hoehne

Username: mhoehne
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 4125
Galleries: 267
Collection: 234
Sightings: 33

While I find all of mankind's inventions interesting, I am most enchanted by the human-scale arts and devices, the ones that can be created (and repaired) in a home workshop or studio; the ones that can be understood by looking at them; the ones that do something useful or stir admiration. Typewriters work for me.

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