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1967 Olivetti Lettera 32

Serial #2922893

1967 Olivetti Lettera 32

Missing the colon/semicolon key, case zipper torn. Best typer I own. Moved MR key to colon, made MR key out of FIMO. Ugly, but functional.

Owned By: Michael Tassano

Username: MikeT
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 94
Galleries: 16
Collection: 16
Sightings: 0

My brother-in-law gave me an Olivetti Lettera 32. I laughed.
I've written a dozen letters to folks and really am having fun.
I just bought an Olivetti 21 (Studio 44 in portable body).
My brother-in-law laughed.

1967 Olivetti Lettera 32 Type Sample

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