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1964 Olivetti Lettera 32

Serial #2025467

I purchased this Lettera 32 based on a dark and blurry picture on the internet. I thought I'd buy a machine for spare parts, but when it arrived, I was blown away.
Almost as new, fully functional. Seems it had only been used a few times. What a buy for 20,- Euros!

Right now the installed ribbon makes some trouble, since it smears. Either it is over-saturated, or too wide - or both. I'll have to figure it out.

The rubber of the platen is new. There are a few companies in Germany left, that refresh typewriter paltens. I sent them the whole platen and a few weeks later I received a nice and soft all-new rubber on my platen.

I thought this machine does not have touch-control, but it does have one on the left side. Together with the basket shift adds up to really nice features for such a small portable. I do understand why the Lettera 32 was sold often and still has a lot of fans around.

Due to the color, I call it my little tree frog. This typewriter is one of the few that I will probably keep forever.

I am not sure if the year 1964 is correct. It sure has a very low serial number, so maybe it's even 1963.

Owned By: Oliver Scheit

Username: osh
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 355
Galleries: 15
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located in Hamburg, Germany
I will fill the "schmasch"-website little by little with some additional information on my typewriters. (

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