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1974 Olivetti Lettera 32

Serial #7816856

Today, 9/11/2013, in a shop of used and rusted things, I found this machine. The price on it said 10,25€. While I was looking at it, the owner told me: "It's on sale 'cause nobody wanted it. We've been trying to sell it for three months. So it's 5,25€." The platen was stuck and most of the keys didn't turn back in place; some didn't even move, pressing them. I bought it anyway - my boyfriend did - and I cleaned it all carefully. Now it works just perfectly!

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I loved the rhythm of my father's secretary typing on an old Olivetti when I was a child. Then I fell in love with the atmosphere in Naked Lunch, the movie constellated with typewriters, and later with Angela Lansbury in Murder she Wrote. It was all about writing, about typing on a magic machine.
When I grew up I started writing myself, for my pleasure; i proudly got an old Kappel of 1928 and, recently, a Lettera 22.

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