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1961 Olivetti Lettera 22

Serial #1076615

Amazing typewriter brought to me by my colleague Bill from somewhere near Mannheim. For 15 Euros, this was a great find, although it was full of tiny paper pieces.
Strangely, what I like best about this machine is the carriage lever. It is so cool! Also the striped bag is great and it is my first machine with a dust cover and i love this piece of plastic (which means that i am an old man now).
This typewriter would be perfect but it's not easygoing enough. The last centimeter before the typebar hits the platen takes is too hard and after only half a page of typing I notice a strain in my lower arms.
I suppose that isn't the way it is supposed to be but don't want to use oil on it since I don't want to damage it.
Again, strange serial number which does not fit to the ones provided by the database.

Owned By: Daniel Norek

Username: automatenLand
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 56
Galleries: 6
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I actually use my typewriters to type, so one should be sufficient. But there are way too many interesting typewriters around. However, my space is very limited so I try to restrict myself.

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