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1954 Royal HH

Serial #HHE-5323885

The "Dandy" typewriter-man-thing makes me want to do anything he says!

This is most definitely my favorite typewriter to type on. I aesthetically prefer glass keys, but these do the job. The wonderful palm Tab key makes up for any lost beauty!

This machine was full of eraser grit and maybe a cat or two of hair when I bought it for $35. It was in the deepest, darkest corner of the whole shop and almost unrecognizable, probably lost to the world, but that is always where I look first! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the glint of a carriage return, and behold! A Royal HH, second on my list only to a Royal No. 10 (sigh)! Boy, does it type like a dream! In order to acquire my Hammond Model 26, I had to sell my Royal KMG, but this surely makes up for it.

It even had my favorite typeface: the post-war Royal elite found on its standard typewriters. I just love the way the 4 hangs down, and the curl on the 5, along with the sweeping Q. Just a beautiful way to present very serious documents.

Owned By: Jake Fischer

Username: jfisch
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 131
Galleries: 14
Collection: 9
Sightings: 5

I am a typewriter collector and amateur repairman who became obsessed after typing at a young age on my grandfather's Olivetti Lettera 22, which he soon gave to me. Now I have had over ten typewriters in my collection, flipping the less valuable ones for a low price to fund my obsession.

At one point, I was weary of polish; now I see the wonderful shine that Meguiar's cleaning wax brings to a glossy paint. I still avoid polishing nickle or chrome, for I hear that patina is valuable on old metal. However, I refuse to use the devil's website, also known as Ebay. Just too many deaths by shipping...and unacceptably exuberant prices...

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It is hard to find much of this label in tact due to the angular exterior which accomidates for the tabulator mechanism.

This is hand-down (yes, that pun was intended) the best Tab key on any typewriter! You barely have to move to get where you need to go. Besides, I never did like the tab-bar, found on most machines other than Royals.

The "Dandy" typewriter-man-thing makes me want to do anything he says!

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