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1937 Royal KHM

Serial #KHM2154743

Purchased in June of 2015. In very good condition and it works well. Seller said her cousin's wife's father was the original owner. There's very little rust, the touch control lever is missing, and the glass on the N key is broken but works.

I haven't cleaned it up since I got it. What you see is how it looked when I first received it. If anyone knows of a manual for this machine, please let me know!

Owned By: Mindy Ogg

Username: MindyOgg
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 15
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Writer and aspiring author. Love taking pen to paper with fountain pens. And as of this writing, I have acquired one antique typewriter. It is a 1937 Royal KHM.

1937 Royal KHM Type Sample


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