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1948 Royal KMM

Serial #KMM92-3804960

I bought this typewriter some 30 years ago at a street bazaar in Athens - Greece.
It decorated my living room for some time until the kids grew up and treat it like a toy resulting minor damages. It was time for the poor machine to retire at the basement storage for about 20 years.
Then I came upon this interesting and useful site which awoke my interest and guided me through the restoration process.
The typewriter was jammed with rust and dust.
After thorough cleaning and lubrication it came back to life proving how incredible was quality, engineering and craftsmanship at the times.
It looks and sounds fine. I haven't test it yet because the ribbon is completely dry. I'm in search of the suitable ribbon.
As you can see in the photos, the typewriter has remarkable signs of time and excessive use wear.
Perhaps responsible for this, was some lady named Gabriela as her name is engraved beneath the front cover ("Γαβριέλλα" in Greek characters).
This came to my attention, only at the final step of the assembly process. I can't describe my excitement and emotions at that moment! Suddenly that lifeless machine came to life! Pictures in black and white came to my mind. Gabriela behind the typewriter, busy typing for 8 or more hours a day at a law office or other company's secretariat, sometimes tired, sometimes stressed by the demanding boss and finally relieved at the end of the day.

Thank you Gabriela for this incredible time travel!

Owned By: Michael Emmanouilidis

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I live in Athens - Greece. I recently maintained and lubricated my Royal KMM 1938 model following the useful instructions found here.

1948 Royal KMM Photo Gallery

Gabriela's ownership stamp as engraved beneath the front cover ("Γαβριέλλα" in Greek characters).

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