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1941 Royal KMM

Serial #KMM14-2899199

full back view

Bought this off of Ebay years ago and paid more for the shipping than the machine. I think I got it for 11 bucks and shipping was 15. The side panels were missing, but that's the only flaw and it's not even a drawback for me. Despite the unwieldly 14inch platen, it's a great machine and a tank. Exactly what I was looking for.

This KMM has come with me from Boston to AZ to LA to NYC in the past 15 years and it's held up beautifully. The felt 'under the hood' is still in good shape though one corner needs some glue. It looks like the 5 key has been replaced but that's the only one with significantly different coloration (though the flash makes that difficult to see).

The SN puts it in 1941 but it's high enough to say a very late 41. As an interesting note - under the paper table there is a crudely etched in date of 12/27/44 - too late for the SN (And since Royal did not make typewriters in '44) but perhaps from a rebuild / repair. Historical significance is that FDR ordered the seIzure of Montgomery Ward assets on that date, so it may have been a MW machine. It is also the date that the siege of Bastogne ended, so maybe someone was just really patriotically happy. No idea what it really means but all are interesting stories that this KMM may have lived through.

I welcome actual fact and wild speculation alike but neither will deter me from loving this thing.

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I'm a freelance writer and typewriters have always been a part of my writing process. Something about that sound, the need to think out your words, and knowing how to spell. But I'm also a horrible anachronist.

Eagerly awaiting a '39 Underwood. More of a showpiece but I do want to see how it types. It looks so pretty.

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full back view

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