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1939 Royal KMM

Serial #KMM-2478231

1950s typist table purchased for my KMM 1939

Acquired at J.C. Business Machines, Glendale, AZ With the exception of the keys being 98% - 99% faded to black, this is a real great typewriter. Even the Magic Margins work. The tech, Duane, swapped out the faded inserts in the top right two keys to see if this would work. It works good enough that, if we can't get decent period inserts, it may be what we go to. I will at least be able to see what are on the keys.

UPDATE: all but the SHIFT keys and those vertical keys in the front have restored inserts.

Owned By: Harold Dodd

Username: SLACKPLAN9
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In the Phoenix area. Curently in IT, but want to write/direct/and produce film.

1939 Royal KMM Type Sample


1939 Royal KMM Photo Gallery

My keyboard restoration process

With the exception of the TAB SET and SHIFT keys, this is the BEFORE shot. I DID the QWERTY row at this point, so this is an IN PROGRESS shot.

Minus the TAB SET and the SHIFT keys, this is the AFTER shot.

1950s typist table purchased for my KMM 1939

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