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1960 Royal FP

Serial #FPS-16-88-7021015

1960 Royal FP

This machine is no longer in my collection, and is now the property of Rino from the "Long Slow (typecast) blog".

This machine was a wreak when it arrived into my care. The carriage didn't slide, the platen was filthy and didn't turn (it had glue drizzled onto it!) and the keys barely moved. The pain was a wreak. It cost me $13.
Now, the carriage slides with serious determination, the platen is smooth, and the machine types like nothing else I know. The paintwork was a custom idea that I did for myself, and I rather like the colour.
Of course, I added a purple ribbon to continue with the theme!
Please note the (albeit broken) palm tabulator key. These aren't often found on FP models.

Sighted By: Scott Kernaghan

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A resident of Melbourne, Australia. I have too many typewriters, and not enough space. But what can I say? I just love the things!

1960 Royal FP Type Sample

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