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1956 Optima Elite 3

Serial #957860

This is one of the best typewriters, I have seen.
It's fun and pleasant to use.
Keyboard is tough but with enjoyable rebound.
Carriage moving is very light - it's a case, when the carriage can be returned with a shove.
It's an early modofication of "Elite-3" with a paperstand made as a separate detail.

Owned By: Sergei Viktorovich

Username: Sergei110
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 3450
Galleries: 63
Collection: 48
Sightings: 15

I'm Sergei, I was made in Russia)))))))
I wouldn't call myself a hunter - I just love typewriters, use them and collect some of them.
Many of it comes and goes out, solds to someone else, and others who "gets" me, remains)
I can't tell where I've developed a passion for typewriters. It seems that I was born with it. At least for as long as I can remember, I have always loved it. The first machine I bought in 2008. It was our, Soviet "Lyubava", a copy of "Erika". Before it, I've seen typeriters only on pictures)

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